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Booking Details and Pricing Information

Location: 3 Outrigger Drive, Robina, Queensland

Hydrabrasion & Jelly Mask
60 mins  |   $99

This is a professional clean using a wet vacuum suction, this unique treatment works to dead skin cells and debris that dull and clog the skin, along with the water to full toxins from pores and tighten them.
This treatment helps to brighten complexion, reduce breakouts and congestion and evening out skin tone feeling soft and fresh.

Hydrabrasion pic.jpg

Deluxe Hydrabrasion
1 hr   |   $140

Hydrabrasion is a wet vacuum that removes the top layer of dead skin that makes skin appear dull and clogged simultaneously the pores are flushed with water to remove any impurities an toxins from the skin. 

 It is a lot like getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

Included is an enzyme peel, this will help to help remove unwanted dull skin and nourish the new skin cells.

Finished with an Esthemax hydro jelly mask to flood the skin with electrolytes and tailored ingredients teamed with a relaxing head massage and customised serums to finish.


The Calming & Soothing Effect
1 hr   |   $135

This treatment is best suited for skin suffering with inflammation, redness, rosacea and dull itchiness.
Double cleanse, steamy towel, gentle exfoliation, Vitamin C oxygen infusion Esthemax hydrating jelly mask, relaxing head massage, LED light therapy and customised serums with SPF.

Repairing skin barrier and helping it feel nourished, soothed and hydrated with products containing high natural antioxidants.  


Hydrabrasion & Enzyme Peel Deal
45min   |   $99

This treatment includes 

  • double cleanse 

  • hydrabrasion treatment 

  • enzyme peel 

  • tailored serums 


Breakout Remedy
1 hr  |   $149

This treatment includes double cleanse & hot towel with essential oils. Exfoliation scrub, Clay mask, extractions, Blue Led Light Therapy, breakout cream/serums, SPF. 
**Blue Hydro Jelly Mask can also be added on to help kill bacteria on the skin.
This treatment will help with congestion and blackheads, reoccurring or regular breakouts and mild acne that isn't being managed.

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